Saturday, May 11, 2013

I'm sorry, but...

I think 7 Random Dolly's MIGHT need to close.  People are dropping out, and people don't have time to post videos!  So yeah ;)


  1. I would enter but i'm not allowed to go on YouTube:(
    Maybe it would be more easy if you became a collab blog:-) If it became a collab blog I could possiby join;o)

  2. No! Don't close! Can I audition ?

  3. Don't Close!!!!
    Could I maybe audition or something if you need someone else for the Friday or Tuesday spaces?
    BTW, this is Elizabeth (Americangirldollstory) from the MB!

  4. Can I audition? P.S. this is Ari9581 from the AGFMB.


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